New Copyrights Video + Song!

If you need an ultra-catchy, pop-punk tune, we’ve got you covered. The Copyrights debut FAT album, Alone in a Dome, officially drops tomorrow! However, while you can’t hear the entire album just yet, you get one last single to tide you over. Today, Brooklyn Vegan is premiering a new track for the ripper, “Part of the Landscape.” Watch the video, listen to the song, and read what vocalist/bass player Adam Fletcher had to say about the song’s origin. Don’t miss them on tour, and score your copy today!

"Part of the Landscape" was the first song Luke brought to the table when we started the process of making a new record. After we had recorded it, we all agreed that it was a stone-cold jam, and it gave us some momentum to keep working towards having enough new songs to make a whole album. Growing old in a crumbling Midwest city is something I think many people can probably relate to. The line "you're gonna die alone in a Bucky dome" was the inspiration for the album title and the video. A "bucky" dome is a reference to Buckminster Fuller; he was an author, futurist, and designer most known for his geodesic dome design. We shot some of the video in Fuller's original geodesic dome home that he lived in while he was in Carbondale.