New Darius Koski Album! New Song! Pre-order!

Darius Koski’s new album, What Was Once Is By And Gone, comes out on November 3rd, and is up for pre-order now! The first 50 cd and first 50 LP orders get a signed copy! To celebrate his second solo effort, we are premiering a brand new song titled, ‘’Because He’s Beautiful.’’ Koski had this to say about the first single on his new record:

I’ve had this song lying around for several years now. I always liked it a lot and was saving it for the right time. Sometimes it’s hard to properly record a song that you’re attached to, after you’ve had this crappy home demo for years — I’ve had so many personal favorites that never quite captured that initial feeling when it came time to record in a real studio. This one really worked out, though, and I’m glad it busted out of its home-demo prison!

You’ll be able to witness Darius Koski’s dynamic song writing in person, as he’ll be pulling double duty, opening (and closing) the upcoming Swingin’ Utters tour this November. Now that’s dedication! Here’s more from Darius on his upcoming album:

I still believe the full length album, especially the LP, is the most authentic, honest, and vital way to express yourself in music. For this album, I feel like I paid even more attention than usual to the overall feel and flow of the songs and how they work together. It’s definitely not a concept album, but I’d like it to take you on a little trip, maybe into a fairy tale or a little film.