New Days N Daze Video!

Folks, looks like we have one last news post for the year, and it’s a goodie. Check out a new animated Days N Daze video for “Saboteurs,” created by Niklas Nieminen from themanwiththehat. The song is lifted from their latest effort, Show Me The Blueprints. Guitarist/vocalist, Jesse Sendejas, shares the following:

I almost didn't release “Saboteurs.” I was super self-conscious about it at first. It's a lot slower and more anecdotal than what I'd written before. With many of my songs, I feel like I can kinda hide behind the speed of the music, and the lyrics are a little more akin to diary entries. With “Saboteurs,” my voice is right up front. I recount a couple of very specific, uncomfortable, and regrettable times, and it just makes me feel more vulnerable than any of our other tunes. I'm happy I put it out there, though!! Knowing now that there are a few folks that can relate is hugely affirming. It makes me feel a lot less alone in those darker places. Niklas captured the feeling of the tune perfectly with this video, so a massive thanks to them.