New Direct Hit Video!

Crown of Nothing, the stunning new Direct Hit album, doesn’t come out for a couple of weeks. Lucky for you, we’ve got something to satiate you. The third single, “Different Universe,” is premiering over on our YouTube channel! Directed by Adam Santiago & Derek Shreves, the duo pull back the curtain on the macrocosm of Crown of Nothing. Is it the beginning, or the end for these characters? You’ll just have to ponder it until you can absorb the album in its entirety. Fear not, vocalist Nick Woods sheds a little light on some of the ambiguity below. Stay tuned…as the journey has only begun.

“Back when we were just starting to write this album, a friend of ours was insane enough to write a script for a feature-length movie fleshing our Crown Of Nothing’s plot and characters. This is a trailer for that film, set to the lead track on our new album. If you want the whole story, Walker Dubois took it to an even crazier length, and turned that same script into the comic book you can buy along with the new record. We’re proud of all the work they did, and hope it pulls you into the world we tried to create with our music this time around.”