New Escape From The Zoo "Jars O' Fears" video!

Escape From the Zoo and Inwood Park Productions teamed up to create a new video for “Jars O’ Fears,” from the band’s latest full-length, Countin’ Cards. The video was inspired by bassist/drummer Elliot Lozier’s outlook on fear as a kid, and you can read more about what he had to say below:

"Fear has always been a motivator of mine, a prowling phantom resting on my shoulders, manipulating the everyday things I do. Every so often I’ll shake this leech off my back and embrace the moment, but most of the time, the shadow of doubt looms heavily over me. I was imagining manifesting these fears into tangible things that I could grab hold of. The song stems from my outlook of fear as a kid, bridging the gap to present day. I don’t know how or when all of my irrationalities piled up, but every day I feel like I want to smash them, and go back to when I was fearless. It’s a hardship I feel everyone can relate to. I just hope that you can shake and smash your own battles with fear, even for a day, because it’s worth it."