Lagwagon fans, rejoice! Today, we get to unveil the second single off Lagwagon’s upcoming rager, Railer (pre-order), which hits the streets on October 4th. The track is aptly titled, “Surviving California,” and serves as both a personal and political treatise on the socio-economic state of living in California today. Joey Cape had the following to share about the genesis of the song:

“Yes, California has elements of a paradise, but it is overpopulated and there are many issues as a result. A land so desirable brings pockets of wealth, ‘debtors of the dream,’ people who gentrify areas and turn towns into gated communities. Later the wealth crest spills and pushes into less affluent areas. Standards for wealth reflection are lowered, and people living beyond their means are priced out of their homes. Many people lose everything, and the state’s moderate climate sets the stage for a very Californian lack of empathy and sympathy.”

Don’t miss Lagwagon on tour! They’ll be joining forces with face to face this fall in support of Railer. Then, they’ll  jump the pond to Europe in November. Australia/New Zealand, they’ve got you covered! March 2020 dates have been announced with tickets going on sale THIS Friday! Look out WETA, we’re coming for you.