New Mad Caddies Album! New Song! Pre-order!

News flash…we have a new Mad Caddies album! Rumors have been flying for the past few months, but today we can finally reveal the details of what Fat Mike and the band have been collaborating on. Mike wanted to put a reggae spin on some classic punk songs, so he enlisted the help of the Caddies, and Punk Rocksteady was born. The album features 12 classic punk songs, hand-picked by Fat Mike, completely reimagined with a reggae strut! No bullshit… this album would even have Bob Marley jammin’ to standards from the likes of Bad Religion, The Misfits, and Descendents. It’s not due out until June 15th, but don’t you worry. Brooklyn Vegan is premiering Mad Caddies’ rendition of Green Day’s “She.” Then, scope out the full track-listing and grab your copy today! You’ll be able to catch the Mad Caddies live, as they’ll be touring non-stop throughout North America and Europe! Don’t miss them.

Order here:
Australia/New Zealand: Fat Webstore hosted by Artist First for Vinyl
Europe: Fat Webstore hosted by Kings Road for Vinyl
USA & everywhere else: Fat webstore for Vinyl & Digital