New MakeWar Single! Catch Them On Tour!

The day has finally arrived when we can unleash a new song and video from MakeWar! “Not Today” is a rallying cry for those when life gets super tough and staying positive feels impossible. It’s the type of song meant to be performed live and with friends screaming at the top of their lungs, celebrating togetherness. If you’re traveling to Gainesville, FL, for FEST, you can hear this beast in the flesh! If you haven’t been growing your beard out for this event, you can watch the video or stream the song on any digital platform! Next, get the lowdown of what the song is about from vocalist and guitarist Jose Prieto below:

‘Not Today’ serves as an anthem for those times when life becomes overwhelmingly daunting, and hope appears distant. It serves as a reminder that even during our bleakest moments, we can nurture a spark to ignite a fire, providing comfort and empowerment. ‘Not Today’ reminds us that we are all loved, strong, and united as we sing together for ourselves and for all our friends who left us too soon.