Since their recent foray into the world of brand marketing, Mean Jeans have been living the life: chugging Mountain Dew, scarfing Totino’s, auditioning for the next Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure, and generally keeping it real.

Lucky for us, they found the time to bang out a new album, and it’s a ripper! Mean Jean’s stellar new full-length, Gigantic Sike, hits the streets on August 30th. The first single, “Party Line,” is meant to be cranked up with the top down. Check it out on Spotify, our YOUTUBE channel, or anywhere else that you like to listen to tasty jams. Then, you can pre-order Gigantic Sike today! If you’re quick, you’ll be able to score colored vinyl, or better yet, a Mean Jeans fanny pack! Well, what are you waiting for? An endorsement from the party captain himself, Billy Jeans? Here you go:

Selling out to Mountain Dew wasn't all it's cracked up to be, so Mean Jeans are back with a straight-up stripped-down party punk record. It's called Gigantic Sike. It was gonna be called something more reasonable and the songs were gonna be more marketable and I was gonna get a real job, but we put a big 'ol sike on it instead. 'Party Line' is basically a jingle for the party hotline that nobody seems to be calling anymore. (My cell phone). Give it a try, I'm standing by. 

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