New Morning Glory 7" in May!

We thought it fitting to release a winter themed 7” in the spring since Morning Glory encapsulate so many of the tenets of warmth and cold. They’re punks after all, yet they have a sweet uplifting side which you can hear in the heavily piano-laden song Care of Me from 2012’s full length, Poets Were My Heroes. This spring we’ll release the Born to December single, the a-side also culled from Poets Were My Heroes, backed with two previously unreleased songs. These East Coast punkers are gearing up to jump the pond on an extensive tour of Europe and just completed filming an epic video for “Born to December” which we’ll be premiering soon. In the meantime, read what Ezra from MG had to say about the release below:

This [Born To December] happens to be my personal favorite tune off of the Poets record, so I am very excited that it is going to be our first 7" single. Ever. While Born is a 6 1/2 minute epic the two B-sides are never-before-heard rockers which were tracked during the same sessions in early 2012. We’re printing this one on camo vinyl- it’s going to be very special! And not only that, to help celebrate this release we did a Born video, our first ever. It was a massive production with no budget and involved 40 extras and crew members to be out in the cold New York winter all day for a few days. It made us do some serious reflecting on the title of the tune, and we all agreed our next video must be called Born to July, or Born To The Bahamas, or some such warm fuzzy nonsense. Next month we’ll be touring Europe, and since it’s our first time, we hope to see all you punks, rockers and karaoke heads alike- out at our UK shows to help us sing every word.