New Morning Glory Video!

Morning Glory’s brand new video directed by Christopher J. Aran is premiering at Noisey. Culled from the latest album, War Psalms, watch the video for “Punx Not Dead, I Am” here and read what Ezra had to say about filming it below! Canadians, they are heading your way this weekend! Check their dates!

We did this video strictly to have fun. And it was. Anyone who has ever lived in New York City will immediately get it. Our small budget was supposed to be getting spent on the “I Am Machine Gun” video (which we also shot that weekend), but when I told director Christopher Aran the concept for the “Punx” video, in a matter of hours a crew and cast started snowballing. In a complete twist of chance I ran into Jimmy McMillan on the street and he decided he wanted to be in on it too… I thought he’d just come out for an hour, do a quick cameo, and leave. Instead he stuck around the entire day flashing everyone the devil horns. Since we weren’t really supposed to been shooting this vid at all we did the whole thing in under 12 hours. It was a spontaneous, true NY moment, and one of the reasons I still love living in NYC (despite the insanely bad “accommodations”). Liah Natas!