New NOFX song! Release Day! Flatliners! Fat Music Vol. 8!

Sweet Friday, we’re glad you’ve arrived! We’ve been doing this non-stop today! And we’re about to enjoy some cold Kolsch with the fans at the Fat Record Store, courtesy of Santa Cruz Ale Works!

But before we get too into the weekend, we have two brand new releases for your listening pleasure. Up first, The Flatliners keep things moving with Division of Spoils! A massive collection of b-sides, rarities and previously unreleased songs including “Lifers” and “Broken Men” which we premiered last week. Don’t miss them on stage; they’re currently tearing it up on the Fat Wrecked for 25 Years Tour happening now! Stream the entire album on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Next, Fat Music Vol.8: Going Nowhere Fat! We’re stoked to be releasing this today since we’re in the midst of celebrating our 25th anniversary as a label. Nothing seemed more appropriate than bringing back our beloved Fat Music series. With classic comps like Survival of the Fattest, Physical Fatness and Live Fat, Die Young, this is a series that’s less about acting as a label sampler as it about compiling killer, listenable punk album from front to back. Curious? Just head over to Alternative Press who are premiering a NOFX demo version of “SF Clits.” Then, check out two of the six previously unreleased songs from Night Birds and PEARS! Head over to read a review or two, then grab your copy today! Stream the entire comp on Bandcamp and Spotify.