New Old Man Markley single!

Trailblazers Old Man Markley can’t be accused of resting on their laurels. With their epic touring schedule, a single & album released last year, the building of a home recording studio, and a newly recorded album under their belts, it’s been jam packed. The party (shack) continues on November 6th when we’ll be releasing a new two song 7” called Blood on My Hands in anticipation of their upcoming full length, due out early next year. Old Man Markley vocalist and guitar player Johnny Carey had this to say:

“Blood on My Hands” was the last song written for our upcoming record and turned out being one of our favorites. With Paddy’s approval, we recorded D4’s “folk song.” for the b-side, making it our third punk cover.

This 7” is a limited edition special one-time pressing. Pre-order is coming soon. Watch this video of Old Man Markley in the studio. Hungry for more? Well, Old Man Markley are true road warriors and just added new tour dates! Check them out here.