New record from The Flatliners, out April 13th!

THE FLATLINERS have completed work on their new album Cavalcade. It’s packed with 12 infectious songs and will be released on April 13th. Check back soon as we’ll be unveiling a brand new track in the next few weeks. Read what Chris, singer of THE FLATLINERS, had to say:

When we were on tour last March, we met Joey from Full House (aka Dave Coulier) in a bar in Cleveland. I drunkenly slipped him a copy of ‘The Great Awake’ and we began talking about music and Canada. He turned out to be a pretty cool dude, other than ironically wearing a Betty Ford Clinic shirt while drinking red wine. Anyways, after Uncle Joey left the bar that night, the jokes began that we would name our new record ‘Dave Coulier Has Our Last Record.’ Once we sobered up in the morning and realized that was an awful idea, we decided to name our new album ‘CAVALCADE’. And we are beyond stoked to announce that it will be coming out this April on FatWreck of course.
Since every record is vaguely conceptual even if you’re not going for the painful uber-concept-record thing like Coheed and Cambria, and since we basically live like homeless people while we’re on tour most of each year, ‘Cavalcade’ has taken on the overall theme of unity through disconnectedness. Happiness in uncertain times. Humanity is flawed but we can all still party, right? That’s what we wrote about, and that’s how we live. We love what we do an couldn’t be happier with the way it has all turned out.

This record has been quite the experience for us already and it hasn’t even been released yet. To record an album between tours can become a bit of a fucked up process, but its been really cool to take our time with this one and include a lot of friends in the making. The writing and recording of ‘Cavalcade’ saw different seasons, exciting new jams, and now that we’ve announced it, an overall sense of accomplishment and relief. We were lucky enough to be able to include our friends from some great bands such as Dillinger Four, Cancer Bats, A Wilhelm Scream, Permanent Bastards, The Snips, Junior Battles and The Expos/Cavaliers, and have them all contribute a little something each. Cheers to all our friends for singing/playing on the record, to Fat Mike for coming up to work on stuff with us, to Ted Janik for helping us with all the technical difficulties, to Steve Rizun for being a fucking machine, and to Alex Snelgrove and John Meloche for making our record look incredible. We can’t thank these people enough for stoking us out and fueling our happiness. Most of all though,cheers to everyone out there who is as excited about this record as we are. We can’t wait for you to sing along with us.

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