What to do when you can’t be in front of your fans, but still dearly miss them? Invite them to be a part of your video! Head to Sick Of It All’s YouTube channel to watch “Bull’s Anthem,” and you might catch some familiar faces, a naked man playing bass, and hundreds of global fans singing the song together with the band. “Bulls Anthem,” is off their latest effort, Wake The Sleeping Dragon! 

SOIA had this to say about their new video: 

Getting all our fans and friends involved in the making of this video for ‘Bull’s Anthem’ was an absolute blast. We had so much fun going through all the submissions, piecing it together, and being able to bring some much needed laughter into all of our lives during these crazy times. It’s amazing to see so many people united via our music, from all over the world, and joining us in spreading a good responsible message. 

 We want to thank Tim from Rise Against, Chuck from Hot Water Music and the hundreds of participants, for making this happen, and we want to thank you for watching and sharing this video. It’s US vs Them and the time for revolution has come! Support, love and take care of each other.”