New Swingin' Utters video!

You may want to sit down before you watch the new Swingin’ Utters video for “Fistful of Hollow.” It’s a doozy, and directed by the talented folks at Drunk Pals. Are you sitting down? Great. Now, head over to New Noise to watch the chaos unfold! Then, get ready to buy these lads a round as they’re heading to the UK and Europe this month! If you haven’t picked up their latest full-length, Fistful of Hollow, you can do so here!

02/26/15 Dresden, Germany at Groovestation
02/27/15 Berlin, Germany at Cassiopaia
02/28/15 Nurnberg, Germany at Zentralcafe K4
03/01/15 Praha, Czech Republic at Klub 007
03/02/15 Hannover, Germany at Bei Chez Heinz
03/03/15 Utrecht, Netherlands at Ekko
03/04/15 Brussels, Belgium at Magasin 4
03/05/15 Tours, France at LE TEMPS MACHINE
03/06/15 Romans Sur Isere, France at La Coordonnerie
03/07/15 Savigny le Temple, France at L’Empreinte
03/08/15 Portsmouth, UK at Edge of the Wedge
03/09/15 Norwich, UK at Owl Sanctuary
03/10/15 Derby, UK at Hairy Dog
03/11/15 Glasgow, UK at Audio
03/12/15 Bristol, UK at Fleece
03/13/15 London, UK at Pipeline
03/14/15 Dusseldorf, Germany at Pitcher
03/15/15 Schaffhausen , Switzerland at Taptab
03/16/15 Langenau , Germany at Kaos Keller
03/17/15 Köln, Germany at MTC
03/18/15 Kiel, Germany at Schaubude
03/19/15 Hamburg, Germany at Hafenklang
03/20/15 Frankfurt, Germany at Au
03/21/15 Saarwellingen, Germany at Antattack Warm Up