New Useless ID song!

Today, Substream Magazine is premiering “Dissolve,” a bonus track culled from our brand new reissue of Useless ID’s The Lost Broken Bones! The fantastic but overlooked album that preceded their Fat debut, Symptoms, originally consisted of 12 tracks produced and recorded at The Blasting Room by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. Our reissue comes out tomorrow and contains seven bonus tracks from the same era. If you haven’t ordered your copy, do so today, then check out a brand new review which garnered the album a 10/10! Curious what “Dissolve” is about? Let’s have Yotam Ben Horin from Useless ID break it down for you:

If there is any place in the world which is a religion-infused society it must be Israel. At any given time it’s trying to be sold to you whether on the streets, stop signs, airports, etc…The orthodox are constantly trying to take over and force their beliefs on the non-believers. Rules that don’t apply. A life spent not living to better an after life. “Dissolve” is just about those amongst us living in a religious coma.