Check out The Flatliners brand new video for “It’ll Hurt,” which tells the tale of your favorite late-night titan’s tumble through his humble beginnings. The song is lifted from their latest full-length, New Ruin, and you can pick it up here. Or better yet, grab it from them in person as they kick off their European tour, tomorrow! Watch Ron Regal’s origin story, then read what vocalist Chris Cresswell had to say about it below:

Our brand new video for It’ll Hurt is out now, and if you’ve been paying attention to the New Ruin cinematic universe, it features a very familiar face. Through the videos for Performative Hours, Souvenir, and Rat King, you’ve witnessed the swift fall from grace in the once illustrious life of Mr. Ron Regal. Now see where it all began for the late-night-titan-turned-secret-identity-sporting bartender, in our origin story video for It’ll Hurt. Did The Flatliners unknowingly set Ron on his path of self-destruction and his eventual downfall? Only time will tell for sure. But yes. The answer is absolutely yes. It was all our fault. Sorry Ron…



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