New Western Addiction song!

Power through Friday with the stomping new Western Addiction song “I’m Not the Man That I Thought I’d Be” over at Revolver Magazine! This rocker was originally recorded with the Pines 7’’ but the band hadn’t found a female vocalist to sing (scream) the second verse—the woman’s point of view—so they shelved the song. After a few months they connected with a fierce vocalist in Dara of San Francisco metal band Serpent Crown and finished off the song. Vocalist Jason Hall elaborates on the lyrics: “The song is about how life never really turns out how you imagined, for both men and women, and sometimes you just feel ‘average’ despite your best efforts. It’s like saying you are going to do something tomorrow, but you just never do it and one day you are too old and your window has passed. Sorry, that’s depressing, but the rock will make you feel good.” The song originally appeared on our limited edition 10" at FEST this year, and rumor has it, about 100 are heading back to SF so be sure to check our site next week. Look for a new Western Addiction 7” in early 2015 and a full-length later in the year! For those in the Bay Area, don’t miss them at Slim’s this Sunday with Lagwagon and Swingin’ Utters!