New Western Addiction Video!

Western Addiction will cast their spell on you with their new video for “Frail Bray.” Head over to Alternative Press to witness the lead protagonist, steeped in darkness, breathe visual life into frontman Jason Hall’s lyrics. Check out his quote below, and if you haven’t listened to their latest opus, do so today! 


The title track, Frail Bray, is about low-level, persistent, lifetime depression. It’s something that never really goes away, a creep you reluctantly share life with. We used the 1915 silent film, Les Vampires, to tell the story. The woman in the video is subliminally haunted by depression and therefore, all the characters in the video are actually just her. The “creeping” takes on several forms. We stumbled upon the film and it had some magical affinity with the song lyrics. The group of criminals in the movie were prevalent in La Belle Époque (a “golden age” of time in Paris before WWI). The lyrics mention a play on that era, “Helle Époque” which could represent a “beautiful hell” that you just have to live through.