Night Birds - ­Mutiny at Muscle Beach - ­October 2nd!

In 2009, Night Birds resuscitated the surf-inspired 80’s hardcore sound and have been cranking it to a new level ever since. We’re super stoked to announce Mutiny at Muscle Beach, the band’s third full-length and first on Fat. It’s an unrepentantly raw blast of punk rock that evokes the spirit of Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Germs, D.I. and Circle Jerks, while further integrating modern influences and a healthy dose of passionate innovation. Just like Night Birds’ live show, Mutiny at Muscle Beach brims with an epileptic energy that defies the listener to sit still. Consume your first dizzying assault of Mutiny at Muscle Beach over at the A.V. Club who premiered “Left in the Middle” last week! Then read what singer Brian Gorsegner had to say about the release:

This Spring we went back to Seaside Lounge Studios in Brooklyn, NY with Mitch Rackin at the helm, and seasoned punk rock recording vet, Chris Pierce, producing. This record is also the debut of our new drummer Darick Sater crushing behind the kit. The 2+ years we worked on this album were coincidentally my most sleep deprived / over caffeinated period of life.. While that’s a combination that works like a charm in a pinch, over enough time leaves you feeling anxious, jittery, on edge, and in a general “set-to-destroy” state of being. I feel like those emotions are proudly displayed all over this record.