No Use For A Name- Song + Pre-Order Now!

Buckle up! We are only three weeks away from the August 11th release of No Use For A Name’s fantastic covers album, Rarities Vol. 1: The Covers, which collects all of the band’s FAT-era cover songs, all remastered. Today, head to Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming service to listen to No Use’s take of the classic Misfits song, “Hybrid Moments.” Even better, you can pre-order the digital album from iTunes or Bandcamp and you’ll immediately get an instant download of the track! We’re also offering up a classic No Use For A Name T-Shirt design, bundled with the colored vinyl (if you choose). The shirt is a design from the Leche Con Carne -era, which is the starting point on the NUFAN timeline for the cover songs on this album. Grab it while you can; we aren’t making a ton of them. Don’t forget, you can also pick the vinyl up through our European webstore and our Australian webstore!