NOFX 30th Anniversary Box Set!

Quintessential California punk band NOFX celebrate their monumental 30th anniversary this year by announcing the release of a limited edition LP box set on February 19, 2013. The box contains all 12 studio albums, from 1988’s Liberal Animation through 2012’s Self Entitled, plus the epic EP The Decline, which we think qualifies as an album anyway, and for the first time ever, the entire 7-inch of the Month Club series from 2005-2006 on a double LP. In addition, all box sets include a life-size version of NOFX’s infamous stage banner, and the first 250 copies we have for sale are signed by the band! So what are you waiting for? We’ve only got 1,000 copies and they’re all on colored vinyl (blue is exclusive to the Fat webstore) . Once they’re gone, you’ll have to troll around on ebay and that is fundamentally no fun. Pre-order now!. Even Fat Mike thinks it’s neat:

“I was so proud of this Box Set that I brought one home and put it on the mantle above my fireplace. It broke the mantle and melted. Now I need a new one. Mantle that is. The Box Set is fine!”