NOFX live record and the Loved Ones in the studio


Ever done something you regret while drunk? I know, I know… so embarrassing, right? Ever woken up and rubbed your pounding skull and said, “What did I do last night?” Oh man…you should have seen yourself… first… you got totally blitzed and then… then… this is the best part… YOU RECORDED A LIVE RECORD! That’s right, back in January, NOFX booked 3 nights of talking mixed with the occasional song at Slim’s in San Francisco and recorded a live record. It’s their sloppiest, drunkest, funnest, best sounding recording ever with new versions of old songs, rare songs and they even made sure not to play any songs off their 1995 live album I Heard They Suck Live. They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live is scheduled to make the walk of shame into record stores sometime in November.


The pride of Philadelphia and are about to start recording their brand new follow up to 2006’s Keep Your Heart. The Loved Ones are heading into the studio in September and they even convinced Pete Steinkopf and Bryan Kienlen from the Bouncing Souls to park their hogs long enough to produce the record!!! They’ve also lined up some awesome cameos including Franz Nicolay from the Hold Steady to pummel the ivory for them! The album is scheduled to come out in early 2008. The brotherly lovers are then headed to Europe with NOFX in November!