NOFX New (Year's) 7" out now!

So the new NOFX 7” comes out today. All we have to say is that if you haven’t watched the new NOFX video featuring the title track, “Xmas Has Been X’ed”, you can make it your New Year’s Revolution to do so, because it is hilarious. And all you doubters out there, have a little faith for once, no one’s lying when they say the bus scene was NOT planned! Only NOFX can experience this kind of kismet. Anyway, we’re pretty stoked to release this double A-side 7” featuring the brand new track “New Year’s Revolution” and the re-recorded rarity “Wore Out the Soles of My Party Boots”, all of course with the whip-smart sense of humor NOFX are renowned for. This 7”, also with double front cover artwork, is limited to a total pressing of 5,000, including all three color variations. That’s right, we saved the New Year’s Revolution color for the new year! Get it now, one per person! Oh, and see how thrilled Fatty is about the 7” below:

I was really excited about this 7" about two weeks ago when I first got my copy. Now I’m kinda over it. Fat Mike

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