NOFX: The Hepatitis Bath Towel, 1st Edition Hard Cover Book, and 2 New Records!

First off, let’s talk first editions. Normally, the first edition, hard cover version of a book is the first thing released. However, NOFX aren’t your normal authors, so they decided to wait and print up the hard cover edition of their New York Times Bestselling book, NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, a few months after release. But it’s finally here and makes a great gift! This is the first printing!

Number two, we have a recently unearthed, crazy old NOFX recording to go along with the crazy old stories in the book. It’s a 4-song 7-inch EP that was recorded in a basement in Omaha, Nebraska in 1987! Comprised of songs that were never re-recorded for anything else later, it’s a veritable lost treasure. (Vinyl only, no digital!)

Number three in this Hepatitis Bath Bundle … the Hepatitis Bath Towel! That’s right, a full-size, 58″×28″ beach-style towel, boldly emblazoned with your favorite band’s moniker and the word “hepatitis” nice and big! Perfect for getting weird looks and carving out that spot at the beach to read your new book.

Number FOUR! Another 7-inch record. Many of you already have this one, as it was the secret bonus record in the NOFX First Ditch Effort album bundle that you probably received (a little late… sorry). If you got the yellow or orange/white vinyl with your bundle, then you got a much more limited color pressing. What we have today is the white vinyl (2,589 pressed) and black vinyl versions of Oxy Moronic, number 3 in our OD (Original Demo) Series. The b-side contains the radically different original demo version of “Oxy Moronic.” This record is sold separately and NOT part of the bundle. (No digital either!)

Last and least, number five: Fat Wreck Chords wrapping paper! Clearly you need something cool and inappropriate to wrap all this up in on the 26th, as you’re prepping your late, last minute gift. What better way to do that than FAT wrapping paper?! It’s a large, 24″×37″, folded sheet of wrapping paper adorned with our lovely logo, stacks of records, and some warming holiday cheer. (Note: if you want to guarantee you get the wrapping paper before Xmas, order that separately; the shipping is cheap and we can’t guarantee the book/towel/record bundle will arrive by the 24th, though we will be shipping them out starting December 19th).

Whew! We have plenty of these bundles, so take your time in getting your order straight before placing it!