Noisey premieres brand new Night Birds video! It Shreds!

Warning! You’ll want to grab your deck and head straight for the skate park after watching the new Night Birds video, being premiered by Noisey! The velocious video for “(I’m) Wired” captures a raw, maniacal devotion to old school punk rock and skating. A big thank you to the talented Greg Harbour who manages to skate his way around the band and even plank jumps over vocalist Brian Gorsegner and leaves him fully intact. Night Birds head out on tour this month to support their latest full-length, Mutiny at Muscle Beach, including shows with legendary bands Negative Approach and The Dickies! Check out what Brian had to say about the video:

“If over-caffeinating, destroying shit on a skateboard, and fast punk rock is your thing, then this video is for you. It especially goes out to Brandon Carlisle, because I think he really would have dug this one.”