Old Man Markley Party Shack 7" out September 20th! PRE-ORDER NOW!!

Old Man Markley are showing no signs of slowing down. With relentless touring and their debut full length on Fat this year, you think they’d be plum tuckered out? Not so, inspired by all the happenings they busted their butts and recorded a brand new single titled “Party Shack”. Preorder now and check out what Joey Balls had to say about the inspiration and songs below:

“Party Shack” is an homage to Johnny and Annie’s house, the affectionately coined OMM Manor. Inspired by many parties (as you may have guessed), topics like hiding booze in major appliances, trash debris filled beer lakes, and overcrowded sleeping quarters are covered. The B side features a cover of One Man Army’s “The Holidays.” Enjoy!

OMM have added a slew of new dates, check it out here!