Old Man Markley "Party Shack" 7" out today! Plus, NOFX "New Years Heave" show in Vegas announced!

Old Man Markley release Party Shack today! The title track is quintessential OLD MAN MARKLEY in both name and content. Lightning fast banjo, violin, and guitars play off sweet harmonies about drunken revelry, perfectly summing up an OMM live performance. The b-side is an interpretation of the One Man Army classic “The Holidays”, buy it digitally, and on vinyl. We have the title track available on our media player, check it out, or head over to our sound cloud. Peta has just posted a new interview and contest to win Party Shack, check it out here. To keep the party going if you will, we are happy to announce an upcoming “New Years Heave” show with NOFX, Lagwagon, OMM and a special guest at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. Check the details here. Tickets will be on sale Sept 23rd.

Party Shack by Old Man Markley