Old Man Markley premiere Train Of Thought Video!

Old Man Markley is taking a well-deserved break after touring nearly non-stop following the release of last year’s sophomore album, Down Side Up. While on their travels, they stopped at the infamous annual Punk Rock Bowling festival in Las Vegas and filmed a video for “Train of Thought.” A contemplative song whose sentiment really captures the life of a road worn and weary touring band, you can watch the video at Vice/Noisey right now. Make sure to follow Old Man Markley on Instagram and Twitter as they’ll be keeping everyone updated on what they have in store for 2015! Read what Old Man Markley had to say about their video below:

The song “Train of Thought” seemed appropriate to film at PRB… With so many activities to pull you in any direction – bowling, shows, pool parties and things we shouldn’t mention here. In this video we captured anyone that crossed our “trains” path and included them in the filming! This song was written by Joey Garibaldi and Todd Fenton, who aptly describes the song: “Control is an illusion, except when you’re out of it. Same could be said for perception. The mistakes of the past and pressures from the future are what make us the same, not different.” We hope the video reflects the chaos and serendipitous nature of crossing paths with people and being open to the experiences that follow such interactions.