Only Crime pre-order and new Smoke or Fire mp3

We’re FREEZING and I feel like an ice cube but we’re not too cold to start packing up your orders for the new Only Crime record Virulence that comes out next Tuesday, January 23rd. We’ve stepped away from the fire we started in a barrel, slid our fingerless gloves on and put the record up for pre-order in our webstore. It’s the second full length record from 5 veterans of the punk/hardcore scene featuring Russ from Good Riddance, Bill Stevenson from the Descendents/All/Black Flag, Aaron from Bane/Converge, Zach from Hagfish/Gwar and Doni from Hagfish. Heavy punk and hardcore that mixes melody and rhythmic experimentation with their signature dissonant sound. We have also posted a link to brand new ringtones, a second mp3 and a cool contest. Russ may think it’s nice to be frozen solid while playing hockey but the only thing we want to chase on ice is a drink.


Smoke or Fire’s brand new record, This Sinking Ship, comes out on February 20th and we have posted the first mp3 from the record called “The Patty Hearst Syndrome”. The band recently made a video for the song and you can get a sneak peak at some photos from the shoot. They are currently planning a US tour so we will keep you posted. Remember you can also hear another new song from Smoke or Fire (and a bunch of our other bands) on our X-Mas Bonus Player. The holidays may be over but the gifts keep-a-comin’!