Only Crime Virulence out today!!! Strung Out in the studio.

Our bowling soldiers limped back into the office after the big tournament this weekend and once again… we won the whole thing! By winning I mean we came in 31st. People don’t look so good when they get home from Vegas either. Just the most blasted bed-head you have ever seen looking like Skeletor with the flu. Nothing says vacation like $2 steaks and emphysema. At least the new Only Crime record, Virulence, comes out today! If you are too much of a bed-wetter to just trust us and buy the damn thing then you can stream the entire record here first.

Strung Out are hard at work on their new record Blackhawks Over Los Angeles which is slated for a June 12th release date. The band has posted a link to a studio video journal on their website so you can check out the progress of the record and hear a few small parts from some of the new songs!

Lastly, after you watch this guy continue to piss off the entire planet tonight with the State of the Union address, you should listen to Fat Mike guest DJing on Radio 1’s Punk Show on the BBC. He plays a ton of Fat bands and they talk about every subject from the music industry imploding to his primary songwriting influences to the song that made him sign the Swingin’ Utters, etc. Check it out!