Pre-order Caddies & Gimmes NOW!

Pre-order the new Mad Caddies albumDirty Rice—now! It’s their first album in seven years, and having had the pleasure of listening to it, we think it was worth the wait. And speaking of long wait times, as a special bonus to you dedicated Caddies vinyl fans, we’re pressing up their last album—Keep It Going—on vinyl for the first time ever, and you can pre-order that now as well!

Here’s how much we like you guys: we know you like to save shipping $$ by combining orders, so even though doing two pre-orders at once makes our jobs extra difficult, we’re offering up the new Me First and the Gimme Gimmes album Are We Not Men? We Are Diva! for pre-order today too! And our combo deal will help you achieve that in-“vogue” look you’ve always craved. Oh, and grab a copy of Gimmes lead diva Spike Slawson’s ukulele band Uke Hunt’s debut 7” too!