Pre-Order THE LAWRENCE ARMS An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance DVD!

Chicago’s beloved LAWRENCE ARMS celebrated their 10 year anniversary at the Metro on October 24th, 2009. Recorded live with multiple cameras and professional sound, Fat is thrilled to finally release the DVD documenting the show. Out June 5th and dubbed An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance, the DVD consists of 33 songs, pre- and post-show footage, band commentary, and five music videos! Check out what Brendan Kelly had to say about the release and watch the trailer below.

That’s right! After three years, a long silence, an audit by the ever-courteous IRS and a lot of speculation, we here at Lawrence Arms HQ are pleased to announce that the long awaited 10th anniversary DVD shot live at the Metro is finally coming out, courtesy of Fat Wreck Chords and Crankstrap Productions. To answer the question on everyone’s mind: I don’t know what the fuck took so long, but it had something to do with the fact that I guess there was something weird about Neil on the undoctored footage and so we had to get a group of specialists to go in and meticulously remove his gigantic robot dong from each frame. Whatever. Shit’s here now. Buy it for your collection, buy it for your friends who were huge Lawrence Arms fans back when this was shot but have since moved on to listening to Skrillex or Mumford and Sons. Buy it for the chance to see yourself or someone you know upside down and flailing in the b-roll footage, or whatever applies to you. Consider this though: with this much anticipation, hype, prep and subsequent disappointment at the lateness of the arrival of the actual DVD, you can bet your ass you won’t be disappointed like you would have if we’d just sped through and gotten it out right away. Wait…no. Wrong message. Erm…it’s good. Just trust me.

Pre-order yours now! The first 150 preorders will receive a free Lawrence Arms beer coozie!