Punk Rock Bowling!

One of the most home grown, legit music festivals—Punk Rock Bowling—is taking place this weekend! Among the proudest moments of our long history as a label was winning the tournament in 2010! We’re primed to regain the title this year, and as usual, a boatload of our bands are playing. It’s a real family affair over in the dry, smoky heat of Las Vegas, and seeing old friends, going to shows, and well, gambling (duh) makes it all worthwhile. You can often find Billy from D4 in the Bingo room, Floyd at the pool, and Jason Hall from Western Addiction at the slots… okay, the guitar shop. Here’s where & when you can catch all of the Fat bands, IF you already have tickets as they’re all sold out!

Friday – Western Addiction at Beauty Bar
Saturday – Night Birds at Fremont Country Club
Sunday – Masked Intruder at the Festival
Sunday – Old Man Markley at Fremont Country Club
Monday – NOFX, Good Riddance, Bad Cop/Bad Cop at the Festival

See you at the shows, on the lanes and wandering the casino!