Rare Vinyl & Collectibles sale to raise funds for Haiti!!!

We here at Fat, like so many others, are trying to do our part to help raise money for Haiti. That being said, we’ve dug up some of our rarest, most limited, and closest to out of print releases and collectibles and we’re making them available to you. But not for free. By purchasing any of these you’re doing your part and helping us do ours. ALL the proceeds from these purchases will go directly to Partners In Health to help provide relief to Haiti and its people. If for some weird reason you’re not into rare NOFX vinyl and would rather just donate directly to PIH, you can do that too by going here. The quantities of some of these releases are super limited, so check out what we’re offering and jump on it, cause what we have left is gonna go quick! In these times, what better way to spend your hard earned cash, get some awesome stuff and help those in need. It’s a win/win. Check back soon as we hope to add additional items.

<a href=http://www.fatwreck.com/store/sale target="_self">

If you live in the bay area, check out the Slim’s benefit show for Haiti where Dead To Me among others will perform on February 5th!

Punknews and Paper and Plastic launched a series of benefit auctions at LimitedPressing.com. Click <a href=http://www.punknews.org/article/36710#ixzz0dwFlnCY “target=”_blank">here for the details.