RIP Kim Shattuck (The Muffs)

Our punk rock family got a little smaller, and a lot sadder with news yesterday of Kim Shattuck's passing. Like most of you, we weren't prepared for it, and have spent the better part of the night reflecting on her life. Just about everywhere you look, whether you read PunknewsRolling Stone, or Pitchfork, everyone is remembering what a force of nature she was in the music community.  Her influence on the sound that has shaped this genre of music cannot be overstated. 

For our part, we were fortunate to work directly with The Muffs when FAT’s umbrella label, Honest Don’s, released Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow in 1999. Kim also sang on NOFX’s Lori Meyers, and whenever a person joins NOFX to sing that part onstage, they are 100% channeling her delivery. Her scream was iconic, and it will resonate in our hearts forever. Rest In Power, Kim. We’ll miss you.