Screeching Weasel cover art, track listing and SXSW!

Fat will be releasing the first new Screeching Weasel record in 11 years! It is titled First World Manifesto and will be out on March 15th. Additionally, Screeching Weasel will headline our SXSW showcase at Scoot Inn on March 18th. Stay tuned for details but in the meantime, check out the cover art and track listing below!

1. Follow Your Leaders
2. Frankengirl
3. Beginningless Vacation
4. Dry Is The Desert
5. Totem Pole
6. Creepy Crawl
7. Three Lonely Days
8. Friday Night Nation
9. All Over Town
10. Fortune Cookie
11. Baby Talk
12. Come And See The Violence Inherent In The System
13. Bite Marks
14. Little Big Man

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