Snuff 7" out today!

Today marks the official release date of the first new slab of Snuff vinyl in just about a decade. In the Stocks is a classic single in all the essential ways: Number one, clearly, is that it is not a CD; it is a 45 RPM 7” vinyl record. Two, the A-side is a hit, a genuine Snuff classic in all senses, destined to be a mandatory part of every Snuff live show from now on (all ONE of them). Three, you get something extra on the B-side, an acoustic version of the Demmamussabebonk classic “Sunny Places”, recorded specifically for this single. And a bonus number four for you rarity-obsessives out there, this single version of “In the Stocks” is a completely different mix from the one that appears on the forthcoming 5-4-3-2-1-Perhaps? album! So if you haven’t already, go order your copy now.