Spring Has Sprung! 4 fer 3 Pre-Easter/Passover CD Blowout!

What do rabbits shooting unhatched chicken babies out of their asses, Jewish people and bloody doorknobs have in common? They are all things you see while on acid? Wait a second, it means SPRING IS HERE!!! In honor of the maladjusted child between winter and summer we decided to have a BIG SALE in our web store. From March 22nd to April 20th we are offering a “4 cds for the price of 3” promotion. Just throw 4 cds into your shopping cart and you will get one of them for FREE when you go to check out. This is way better than someone hiding chemically dyed embryos from you in some cruel, genetic scavenger hunt. I know that “Spring Forward, Fall Back” sounds like the name of a crappy hardcore record but we wanted to do something nice for all of you on this promising equinox. Ass, grass or Passover, you get a cd for free!

Fat Mike is about to leave us home alone for the weekend and head out to Japan with NOFX. He left the credit card for us to get food and drinks so we should be fine. I don’t want to come back to this house and find out that you HAVEN’T had a party. NOFX will be taking Dead To Me along for the ride and there are still tickets available for these shows. Get ’em here.

Lastly, Strike Anywhere posted this huge update and they mention that guitarist Matt Sherwood has played his last show and has left the band under good terms. We here at Fat just want to wish Matt well. He’s a great guy with a smooth chin.