Steve Soto (Adolescents, Manic Hispanic, CJ Ramone, etc), RIP

We are heartbroken to hear about the passing of Steve Soto. There aren’t many people who are liked by all, and Steve Soto was that person. He was the genuine article, a true gentleman, and the kindest soul. He was a legend to so many, a pioneer of the California punk scene. But to us, he was our friend, and we will miss him beyond measure. There aren’t many of his humble kind left in this world, and we are forever diminished without him.

Soto affected many in the music world, and Fat Mike was no exception: “Steve was THE nicest, coolest guy I’ve ever met, and he was also one of my bass playing idols. Man, am I gonna miss him. Rest in Punk!”

Steve Soto was a founding member and bassist of the seminal punk band, The Adolescents. His musical contributions were many, including: Agent Orange, Manic Hispanic, Joyride, 22 Jacks, CJ Ramone, and countless others. His musical talents influenced so many of the bands on FAT, and we are forever grateful for his contribution to our family.

We will miss you forever Steve; may you rest in peace.