Stream Night Birds - Mutiny At Muscle Beach NOW!

So a blog for a Pacific Northwest football soccer team is raving about a New Jersey-based hardcore surf-punk band and their new record, not ironically calling them “the greatest punk band that you have possibly never heard of.” We’ve either entered into some sort of twilight zone or Night Birds and Mutiny at Muscle Beach really are just that fucking great. So we’re super stoked to finally be able to share the new album with the entire universe, courtesy of Impose! The album is a full on assault of the senses, an experience that demands to be followed by the visceral experience of a Night Birds live show. Lucky for all of you, Night Birds head out with Dillinger Four this weekend for the first round of record release shows and will be properly supporting the record for the rest of 2015 and all throughout 2016. Vocalist Brian Gorsegner explains, “We’re basically just gonna try to destroy ourselves in the next 12 months,” he concludes. “This is what we do for fun and to keep sane and mentally balanced. It’s the only thing we really know how to do. If somehow punk rock finds a way to be 1994 again and make us money, that’s cool, but if we expected that stuff to happen, we’d stop playing in bands 10 years ago. It’s a nice balance of trying to keep myself sane doing what I’ve done since I was 14 and not letting my baby starve to death.” If you haven’t checked out their latest video of “Mutiny at Muscle Beach” do yourself a favor and watch their blood run dry. Then, grab a copy of their new full-length today!