Holy smokes, we’ve got another goodie for you: Fat will be releasing the next Sundowner record! Sundowner is the solo outlet of Chris McCaughan, the songwriter, vocalist and musician from Chicago, Illinois who also happens to be the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of The Lawrence Arms. Sundowner, whose studio albums feature Lawrence Arms bandmate Neil Hennessy, debuted in 2007 with the release of Four One Five Two on Red Scare, followed in 2010 by We Chase the Waves on Asian Man. Chris says, “Both records were different and needed to be on different labels, this one follows the pattern.” On writing the record Chris reflects “It was all written and recorded in Chicago, and in a lot of ways the record is about the city.” While we’re not quite ready to debut a track you can get reacquainted with Sundowner via Chris’ soundcloud player here. Read what Chris had to say about signing to Fat below:

Fat Mike called me up to talk about the new Sundowner record and I said, “I really didn’t think you’d like it…” and he said something like, “Yeah, I didn’t think so either. I was kinda surprised. It’s a pretty good record. Good songs.” And, well… here we are. Got lots of love for the Fat Wreck crew and I’m extremely stoked to be teamin’ up with them to release this new album. Furrr sure. -Chris
Photo by: Ben Pier