Teenage Bottlerocket – Stealing the Covers– out today!

Teenage Bottlerocket’s kick-ass new album, Stealing the Covers, is out today! Head here to listen to the entire album on your favored digital service. This album was a long time coming for the band. As described by vocalist/guitarist Ray Carlisle, “This was Brandon’s idea well over a decade ago. I’m sure wherever he is, he’s stoked we finally pulled it off.” We at FAT couldn’t be happier to have Teenage Bottlerocket back, and the privilege of releasing this innovative album. Curious to read how they chose the bands for this release? Head over to New Noise Magazine to read a track-by-track rundown from bassist Miguel Chen. Then, scope out a new review, and if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, you can do so here! Also available today, along with the new album of cover songs, the band recorded a 7"— Goin’ Back to Wyo—with two brand new TBR originals! Don’t forget to catch them on tour, where they’ll be jumping continents all year long. Party!

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