There’s absolutely no reason to try to out-write Jason Pettigrew (editor-in-chief) over at Alternative Press. Today, they have the exclusive video/song premiere for The Bombpops latest, “Double Arrows Down!” AP masterfully breaks down the video and outlines why The Bombpops upcoming album, Death in Venice Beach, is as contagious as it is fun. Plus, how could it not be? With the punk pedigree of Fat Mike (NOFX), Chris Fogal of (The Gamits), and Yotam (Useless ID) behind the board, it’s sure to make your year-end list. If you haven’t done so, pre-order it today! 

If you want to catch them on tour, you’re in luck. They’ll be kicking things into high gear in March, including a record release show in LA, dates in Canada, and more. Head here for all the info.