The Dirty Nil - New Song & Pre-order

There are many things that we appreciate about Canada. Something we stumbled upon recently is that they drink milk out of a bag. Seriously. But there must be something within their pop culture that cultivates true talent, because the list of great artists is vast. (Perhaps, it’s their country’s dedication and financial support of the arts?) For example, Canada has given us Rick Moranis, Carrie Ann Moss, and a Prime Minister who knows what equality looks like plus, the bands! Just on our label alone, we’ve had the privilege of releasing records from Propagandhi, The Flatliners, Chixdiggit!, and The Real McKenzies. Add to that illustrious list, The Dirty Nil, who just received a Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year! Well deserved! Today, you can head over to Noisey and read an extensive feature on the band and listen to the brand new song, ‘’Caroline,’’ from their upcoming release, Minimum R&B. U.S. residents, you can pre-order it from us now! For the rest of the world, you’ll need to go here. The Dirty Nil will be touring Europe with The Menzingers and The Flatliners, so don’t miss them!