The DWARVES 7" on Fat!

The Dwarves with a record on Fat? Yeeah! And it’s about time.We’re longtime fans and while we’ve admittedly squirmed at some of their record covers over the years, that’s part of what makes The Dwarves the “motherfucking rock legends” that they are. Plus, you know, they invented rock ‘n’ roll! You know what to expect: high velocity punk rock ‘n’ roll with loads of hooks, visceral cover art and raucous live shows. So of course we wanted to work with them! A handshake deal was struck at a Bl’ast! show and the result of this summit of world powers is the four-song blast, Gentleman Blag. Due out late this Fall, the EP features a rare cover appearance from lead vocalist Blag Jesus, alongside the cover models you’d expect. But you’re going to have to wait until you get this limited edition slab of wax in your hands to discover the equal opportunity ideals on display when you turn this sucker over… if you dare! Like the recent album on Recess Records, Gentleman Blag was recorded by Andy Carpenter at Brand Bjork’s (Kyuss) studio and features guest vocals by Dexter Holland (Offspring) and Rex Everything a.k.a. Nick Oliveri! And, coming full circle, the recording features ALL the Dwarves, including HeWhoCannotBeNamed and Salt Peter from the original lineup. And now, a brief quote from the man himself, Blag Jesus:

‘The song “Kings of the World” reminded me of that Fat Wreck Chords sound-straightforward punk, big harmonies and lyrics about social issues. In other words, it was just the opposite of “Gentleman Blag,” which is about how big my cock is. Combined with a stoner style track from Nick Oliveri and another song so short it’s over before it starts, I thought we had a perfect Fat 7"!’