The Flatliners Dead Language turns 10!

Can you believe it’s been a whole DECADE since The Flatliners Dead Language dropped? Today, we’re celebrating with a special anniversary edition from our webstore that you can scoop up ASAP, because nostalgia never looked so good. Then, if you’re itching for some behind-the-scenes details, dive headfirst into what The Flatliners had to share below:

In what feels like the blink of an eye, ten years have passed since we first released Dead Language. A record from our heavy touring days - when we were putting in about 8 months of the year on the road - it was one whose inception surprised even us.

We headed into the studio for a weekend to demo some new ideas with longtime producer Steve Rizun, all live off the floor and mostly without a click track. Just us jamming in a room, little did we know that those recordings would be become a good chunk of the album as we know it today. With encouragement from a few close friends who loved the energy from that session, we decided that we’d keep what we had done already as the bed tracks, and have Chris go in and do the vocals as if we were now making a record. Oh, we were now making a record. And the songs kept coming.

We returned to the studio almost a year later after a long stretch of touring to record another ten songs the same way. Just us jamming in a room. A handful of guitar overdubs and a weekend of screaming later, we had enough songs for an album and then some.

Our split with Make Do And Mend, the b-sides for the Resuscitation of the Year & Caskets Full 7”s (all later appearing on Division of Spoils), and the record itself we’re all born out of those Dead Language sessions. From a time where we were so connected to the music we were making, but arguably disconnected from our lives at home and searching for some solid ground beneath our feet, these songs still mean a great deal to us. Looking back on them now, they still cary a lot of pain but were no doubt the catalyst for the peace we’d find just around the corner.

Welcome to the Dead Decade.