The Flatliners - Decade of Cavalcade

We’ve been licking our wounds about not being able to see The Flatliners perform Cavalcade in its entirety this year. To lift our spirits and yours, we’ve released a new color variant of Cavalcade with a kickass t-shirt. These beauties are sitting in our warehouse and ready to ship! Plus, if you missed grabbing their 7” with two rare demos from the Cavalcade recording session, now’s your chance to scoop it up! Take a peek at what guitarist/vocalist Chris Cresswell had to add about the release below: 


With the official 'Decade of Cavalcade' coming to an end soon, we have something for you to always remember it by. Our friends at FAT made this ominous looking LP variant for us to take around the world on tour this year, but since we haven’t been able to play a show since New Year’s Eve, we all wanted to make these available to you before the record turns 11 and gets bumped from the limelight for a younger sibling who just always needs everyone's attention. There’s a shirt too!