The Flatliners unveil rare demos to celebrate 'Cavalcade' turning ten!

Members of the youngest band to ever sign to FAT are finally in their 30’s! If you guessed The Flatliners, you’re correct. Today, we get to roll out some pretty nifty news about their monumental album, Cavalcade. In celebration of it turning ten, we are not only reissuing it on color vinyl, but we are releasing two rare demos from that recording! We’ll press those on a 7” and you can pre-order it today.  


The affable Chris Cresswell from The Flatliners expands on their upcoming release, and what 2020 has in store for them below. Enjoy!

Somehow ten years have sped on by since we released ‘Cavalcade,’ and to celebrate, we’re diving in headfirst to the dog days of our youth. This was the record that really cemented our belief that people out there had our backs. That made us feel like we belong. That people were out there staying in tune with what we were putting to them. Lifelong friendships were formed with people all over the world as our music took us through their neighbourhoods, we became more a part of the Fat Wreck family, and our tires wouldn’t stop turning. We wanted to share a bit of the beginning with folks who have been with us for all these years, so here are a couple demos that started the musical road to ‘Cavalcade.’ There’s a little extra meat on some of these bones, so we hope you have fun hearing how these ideas began. 


Europe and West Coast USA are on deck this spring for full-fledged ‘Cavalcade’ shows, and it stands to reason that if you don’t see your city on the list yet, you probably will soon.